Stepping Into Conscious Awareness (Mindfulness Practices)

What does it mean to be Consciously Aware?

Conscious Awareness simply means being attuned to the present state in your body. As a result of trauma, and to shield ourselves from the pain it causes we disconnect from our bodies. Through a variety of mindfulness practices you will begin to restore the connection between mind, body & spirit, creating a new relationship with your body, one in which you become more aware of areas you are carrying not only physical stress and strain but also where you are carrying emotional pain and trauma. Learning to see symptoms as signals to be listened to rather than just problems to be fixed. At Holistic Touch we will use a combination Guided Breathwork and Somatic Experiencing to achieve this.

To aid in the release of trauma held in the body, please see my Bodywork Massage treatment

What is Guided Breathwork?

In our lives, moment to moment the breath is something we take for granted, happening outside of our conscious mind. The way we breath reflects the way we think and feel, giving us a strong mirror when we are living in a trauma state.   

When we bring the breath under voluntary control, we build a bridge between the subconscious (the centre of our core wounds, and beliefs) and our conscious mind. 

Through Breath Work we can calm the nervous system, grounding ourselves into our bodies and more readily identify the sensations and emotions we are carrying. 

What is Somatic Experiencing?

Somatic refers to the experiences in the body. Bringing awareness to our physiological states (heart rate, breath, vision, hearing etc...)


Through multiple Somatic Experiencing techniques that include breathwork, tapping, sense awareness and others.

We are able to get in touch with our bodies in the present moment, calming the nervous system, identifying problem areas and setting ourselves up to release trauma.  

Mindfulness Practises such as mediation, yoga and breathwork may help you with the following:

  • Returning the nervous system to baseline 

  • Body Awareness (sensations & emotions)

  • Get in touch with your gut feelings 

  • Identify areas of stored trauma in the body

  • Aide in the release of trauma 

  • Be more present