Sacral Healing  (Sensual &Tantric Massage )

What is the Sensual Body?

The Sensual Body is the idea that every inch of the human body from the tips of the toes to the roots of the hair on our head, is one giant erogenous zone. It is through a combination of trauma, conditioning and negative experiences that the sensual body becomes either neglected, cut off or temporarily lost.


Through Sacral Healings, you will begin to create, heal and expand your relationship to your Sensual Body.  

What does a Sacral Healing treatment consist of?

Sacral Healing Treatments begin with a conversation around sexual history, the negative emotions (shame, guilt & self-judgement) as well as the positive emotions (connection, joy, pleasure) and how these fit into your sensual/sexual life, past & present. This is an opportunity to create a vision for what you want your sexual life to look like, set goals for achieving that and determine what techniques best serve you, where you are. 

As safety (emotional & physical) is of the utmost importance our conversation will include creating boundaries, discussing desires & setting realistic expectations. 

In Sacral Healing I use a variety of massage techniques to build sexual (Sacral) energy through touch, this may include a Yoni massage (for women) or a Lingam massage (for men). Other modalities that I incorporate include Energy Massage, Nuru or body2body massage, as well as several self-pleasure practices (guided, and/or as homework. 

What is the purpose of Sacral Healing?


The purpose of Sacral Healing is two fold. First through the power of touch and the cultivation of sexual energy, SH allows us to heal from and release deeply held trauma in the body. 

Second, using this same energy we deepen our exploration of the sensual body, removing guilt, shame & self judgement, bringing in love, pleasure and joy.

Sacral Healing may be for you if you suffer from one or more of the following symptoms of sexual  trauma and/or conditioning:

  • Erectile dysfunction 

  • Low libido or sex drive

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Painful intercourse or penetration

  • History of sexual abuse

  • Shame, guilt or self-judgment around sex and sexuality

  • Inability or struggle to orgasm

  • Defaulting to submissive roles

  • Defaulting to performative roles

  • Performance anxiety

  • Body-image issues

  • Feeling stuck, disconnected or cut-off from your body.

As you begin to create, heal and expand your relationship to your Sensual Body you may be able to explore and experience one or more of the following, in solo practice, guided in session and/or with a partner:

  • Breakthrough orgasm (or first orgasm)

  • Multiple orgasms (men and women)

  • Internal, energetic orgasm

  • Expanded orgasm practice

  • Delayed Orgasm

  • De-armouring (expansion/opening of the Yoni)

  • Increased levels of intimacy, connection. 

  • communication around sex, desires and boundaries