Each treatment can be done on its own as a once-off experience. If you’re ready to delve deeper and work on a longer-term process, we will co-create a programme that is suitable for you.


My goal is to create a safe space for emotional and physical exploration. My role is to be a guide that empowers you to become more aware and connected and to support your healing process.


All treatments incorporate aspects of mindfulness and breathwork.

My doors are open to everyone –

I work with men and women individually as well as with couples.

Bodywork Massage

Bodywork treatments combine deep tissue massage and trigger point release to relieve the physical manifestations of anxiety.

Sensual Massage

The Sensual Massage Experience focuses on the physical aspect, providing loving touch and physical release.

Tantric Massage 

Tantric Therapy focuses on the emotional and energetic release, harnessing the power of sexual energy.

Intuitive Talk Therapy

Intuitive Talk Therapy will focus on uncovering and resolving the root causes of anxiety and depression, through conscious awareness.